Increase Healthspan.

Increase Lifespan.

Increase Human Potential.

Increase Healthspan.
Increase Lifespan.
Increase Human Potential.
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At Ponce De Leon Health, we are dedicated to researching and commercializing drug-free solutions that are scientifically shown to extend overall longevity, while simultaneously increasing the health and quality of our years throughout our life span.

Ultimately, we seek to reverse the effects of biological aging.

We believe that we can make positive contributions to the larger, global community and help moderate the number one cause of degenerative diseases, aging. In short, we are committed to nothing less than changing the face of the world, while allowing humanity to reach its fullest potential by living longer, healthier lives.

Our Values

Slide integrity in all
we do and say
we follow where
the science leads
our anti-aging solutions
need to be timely and
affordable to all
to our shareholders
and our
business partners
the benefits of a longer
healthspan and lifespan
will change the world


“When ‘I’ is Replaced
by ‘We’, even the Illness
Becomes Wellness!”
– Malcolm X

Meet the Team


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Ponce de Leon Health was founded in 2014 by Tom Weldon, an inventor and entrepreneur who has been active in the medical device and healthcare sector since 1987. He has founded 12 companies and holds 30 patents for medical devices. Companies that Tom has founded or invested in, have not only achieved commercial success, but have also improved healthcare outcomes and improved the quality of life for the many patients who have benefited from those new technologies.

In 2014, Tom turned his attention to the anti-aging sector, and entered into a sponsored research agreement with the Buck Institute for Research on Aging, one of the oldest and largest independent institutes researching aging in the world. The goal of the research: developing a safe, affordable, science-backed, non-drug product that offered consumers the opportunity to live healthier and longer lives.

Please listen to Tom as he discusses the genesis of Ponce De Leon, and why drug companies are poorly suited to commercialize products of this type.

with Us

We are hiring! With Locations on beautiful Amelia Island, Florida, and the Washington D.C. Metro area, we are excited to have creative, talented individuals join us. If you are looking to help Ponce De Leon deliver our anti-aging solutions to the world, please come join our team.

“Hiring the best is your
most important task”
– Steve Jobs

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