"Research is creating
new knowledge" – Neil Armstrong

Our Research

Ponce De Leon’s initial research was developed in collaboration with Dr. Brian Kennedy of the Buck Institute for Research on Aging. By screening over 300 Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) formulations, the Buck Institute’s scientific team determined they were successfully able to modulate the pathways associated with healthy aging in mammals. Our initial targets included mTOR inhibition, blocking inflammatory cytokines of senescent cells, DNA integrity, ammonia detoxification and protein homeostasis.

Unlike other companies in this space citing lifespan extension science limited to cellular assays and invertebrates, Ponce de Leon Health has also explored and documented beneficial effects on mammalian models, increasing the likelihood that these findings will be translated into humans. Dr. Kennedy has since joined the Ponce De Leon Health team as its Chief Scientific Officer in order to help bring this and future discoveries to light.

Our inaugural product, Rejuvant™ , is a dietary supplement free from unwanted drug side effects, coupled with a non-invasive DNA methylation test designed to give consumers an indicator of Rejuvant’s effects on biological aging. For more information on Rejuvant, please visit www.rejuvant.com.
Ponce De Leon Health continues to conduct landmark research to ultimately reverse the most detrimental effects of aging. For more information on our groundbreaking science, please contact info@pdlhealth.com.

Early Human DNA Methylation (DNAm) Data:

True Biological Age ­— TruMe Labs

DNAm is the scientific gold standard for determining biologic age as opposed to chronological age. The results below are from family members who have been on the product the longest, for at least a year. This is undoubtedly the first example of repeatable results that may demonstrate that the human aging process can possibly be reversed simply by taking a pill.


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